I got the baking bug a few years ago and> decided I wanted to decorate my cakes so enrolled on a local 2 day sugar flower course back in May 2010. Our tutor was the fabulous Sylvia Kidby, she taught the class how to make little roses and> carnations, I absolutely loved it. I later had a few private lessons with her and> learnt to make freesias; cattleya orchids and> lilies. The tips I picked up in Sylvia’s classes were invaluable when I began to teach myself new things.

Not too bad for a newbie?! At least my photography has improved…

(Stupidly, on a real humid day, it started raining heavily and> I left the patio door open, my propagator lids weren’t on my flowers and> most of them melted. I learnt a very important lesson that day!)

Sylvia introduced me to the work of Alan Dunn who I became obsessed with, I bought four of his books and> made loads of his flowers (He walked past me once at Cake International at the NEC and> I was totally starstruck!)

Some of the first cakes I decorated in Nov/ Dec 2010 (everyone got lilac!)

I can’t recommend Alan Dunn’s books enough especially if you’re just starting out in the sugarflower world, his flowers are normally botanically correct, I think, and> if you’re going to learn how to do something do it properly! I strayed away from this style and> began to make more fantasy types with a lot of silver but I’m loving realistic flowers again and> I think they are making a bit of a comeback!